Minimalist Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis | Barefoot & Zero Drop

Do you know that plantar fasciitis is one of the most common running injuries? The stabbing, aching pain in the heel, is a constant reminder that your body is injured. It is worrying as this condition can become chronic and last for several months or years.

Although most runners battle the condition when exercising, it can equally affect your daily life. Fortunately, you can get rid of this condition once and for all by wearing the best minimalist shoes for plantar fasciitis.

In this article, we are going to walk you through the top minimalist shoes for plantar fasciitis in the market.

Best Minimalist Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Minimalist shoes for Men

Xero Shoes Alston – Men’s Minimalist Leather Dress Shoe

These minimalist dress shoes are designed for lightweight performance and comfort. It is like walking barefoot and provides natural comfort. The shoe’s wide toe box lets your toes spread, and feet relax. Ideally, the shoe gives you a natural fit. This is made possible with the non-elevated heel that ensures you maintain proper posture, agility, and balance.

You will find this shoe to be durable and affordable. The high-quality buffalo leather feels like a slipper. In addition, this will give you a natural feel as it combines the right protection while providing the ground feeling the brain needs to let the body do what is natural.

Notable features: Natural fit, Natural motion, Excellent durability, Nice casual look

FitKicks Original Men’s Minimalist Footwear

This shoe features slip-on footwear with minimalist aqua shoe feel and look. Also, it conforms to the foot and supports it with enhanced mobility and comfort. You can wear them when running, walking, exercising, kicking back, commuting, and more.

Another thing you will like about this shoe is the fact that it supports full movement potential with an ergonomic fit and minimalist design. The durable sole naturally contours to the foot for free.

You will find these shoes to be comfortable in the minimalist sense. In fact, support and comfort go together with these shoes for good reasons. Also, the sole is firm yet flexible. Thus, it provides a protective layer between the ground and the foot.

Notable features: Lightweight, Sole adds traction, Comfortable fit

Note: Minimal toe protection

Xero Shoes HFS

This is an excellent lightweight road running shoe. It is built for speed and foot-shaped for comfort. The shoe is flexible enough to support the natural foot motion. You can always have a natural fit with this shoe, thanks to the wide toe box that lets the toes spread, relax, splay, and move naturally.

The fact that this shoe makes it possible to have natural motion means that your feet can flex and bend naturally because of the flexible sole. With the FeelTrue rubber sole, you have adequate protection, whilst being minimalist enough to let the brain receive the feedback it requires for you to move efficiently and naturally.

Notable features: Durable, Vegan friendly, Barefoot friendly, Top-notch build materials and quality

Xero Shoes Prio

This is a high-performance minimalist fitness and running shoe. As one of the best minimalist shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, it allows your feet to move, flex, bend, and feel.

With this shoe, you can have a natural fit. That is because the wide toe box lets the toes relax and spread. Moreover, the Xero-drop sole allows for proper balance, agility, and balance.

You will find this shoe to be flexible enough to let the feet move, flex, and bend all the way. Also, it is super light you will barely know they are on. In addition, it will give you great protection while getting the ground feedback that the brain likes.

Notable features: Vegan-friendly materials, Barefoot friendly, Reflective straps, Light and flexible

Xero Shoes Speed Force

This shoe has been regarded by many runners as the most minimalist. It provides great ground feel and grip because of its 4.5mm FeelTrue sole.

You will find this shoe to be super lightweight that you will barely know it is on. For instance, the breathable, stretchy mesh upper, and a moisture-wicking lining give this shoe the comfort it needs.

The Speed Force was designed to be a racing shoe. However, a lot of people wear it for hiking, walking, CrossFit, working out, or trail running. It can also be your everyday wear. The shoe is ideal for travel as you can use it for nearly everything, and it cannot add bulk weight to the luggage.

Notable features: True size fit, Vegan friendly, Versatile, Barefoot comfort, Natural fit

Note: Runs small

WHITIN Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner

This is a great running shoe that is both durable and flexible. These shoes have a spectacular design and possess all features of traditional barefoot running shoes. For instance, they have toe box for relaxation, real rubber sole that delivers ground feedback, while providing excellent protection.

You should note that this shoe is made of animal-free and vegan-friendly products. That makes it an environmentally friendly product. Another thing you will like about these shoes is their full toe box that provides adequate room for the feet, greater spread of the feet, and provides you better balance.

Also, the zero heel-to-toe drop helps you place minimal stress on the joints and supports healthy posture as it puts your feet in a natural position.

Notable features: Flexible, Thin sole, Air mesh insert, Super comfortable

Cons: No variety

Prio Running and Fitness Shoe – Kids

This shoe is designed to let kids’ feet function and develop naturally. For instance, it allows the toes to spread, feet to move, bend, and feel the ground. Being kids’ shoes, the manufacturer has made several changes to make them safe and functional.

You will like its ergonomic fit. Ideally, Xero Shoes not only reduced the adult Prio but also changed the shape for a comfortable fit. Also, the sole has been thinned to make it more flexible and give your kid the required amount of protection and ground feel. Moreover, the shoe is unisex.

Notable features:  More grip, Reflective straps, Lightweight, Natural motion, Versatile, Vegan-friendly materials

Note: Children outgrow shoes quickly

Minimalist shoes for Women

Xero Shoes Mesa Trail

This is a lightweight, comfortable trail running shoe that is built for speed and traction. The shoe supports natural foot motion. Its wide toe box allows the toes to spread, splay, and move naturally.

The FeelTrue sole offers the much-needed protection, whilst remaining minimalist enough to give the brain the feedback it needs to let you move efficiently and naturally. In addition, the zero-drop heel is designed to allow proper posture, agility, and balance.

Notable features: Durable, Barefoot friendly, Vegan friendly, Adjustable instep straps, Moisture-wicking lining, Comfortable and stylish

FitKicks Original Women’s Minimalist Footwear

These shoes is one of the best minimalist shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. They are designed to provide full movement potential with an ergonomic fit and minimalist design. They provides excellent slip-on comfort with great breathability. The convenient pull tabs, signature grip strap, and protective toe guard make it a great shoe for running.

The shoe features a durable FlexForm sole that naturally contours to the foot to offer a natural motion. You will find this shoe perfect for yoga, traveling, exercising, lounging, and running errands.  These shoes are good for the above activities because they are flexible and offer more traction as compared to barefoot.

Notable features: Comfortable style, Foldable for easy transport and storage, Ample toe splay, Minimalist look

Note: Not very breathable

Xero Shoes Prio Women

These are flexible, lightweight, and high-performance shoes for trail running, CrossFit, hiking, fitness, road running, and more. The wide toe boxes allow your toes to relax and spread. In addition, the flexible sole allows the feet to move and bend naturally. In fact, the FeelTrue sole provides great traction, stimulation, and protection.

The flexible design is quite important as it allows natural motion. Moreover, since they are lightweight, you will not even know whether you are wearing them. These shoes are made with vegan-friendly materials, making them environmentally friendly.

Notable features: Natural fit and feel, Adjustable instep strap, Excellent durability

Xero Shoes Speed Force Women

These shoes are lightweight that you barely know they are on. They are slightly breathable and stretchy. The upper part has a moisture-wicking, silky smooth lining that gives the shoe slipper-like comfort.

The good thing about this shoe is that it offers a natural fit. This is made possible with the wide toe box that lets the toes splay, move, and spread naturally.

You should note that this shoe is designed for racing. However, it is widely used for CrossFit, working out, walking, hiking, and trail running. In fact, this shoe is ideal for travel as you can use it for nearly everything. Also, it does not add weight or bulk to your luggage.

Notable features:  Midfoot straps and reflective heel help you stay visible, Vegan friendly, Versatile, Barefoot comfort

WHITIN Women’s Minimalist Shoes

These shoes have excellent characteristics such as thin sole, adequate flexibility, and wide toe box that make it ideal for fitness and training. With these shoes, you can keep your feet as happy and healthy as possible. You should note that going barefoot allows the feet to move freely. This is also made possible with a sturdy and strong base.

You will find these shoes extremely comfortable and conform to the foot whilst providing adequate support. In addition, the removable insole is cushy and supportive.

Notable features: Incredibly comfortable, Very stylish, Lightweight

Note: Does not dry quickly

Xero Shoes Hana

Other than being casual, comfortable shoes, they have lightweight structures and designed to handle more. Thus, if you need flexible, versatile, and lightweight shoes for travel, you should consider this model.

When it comes to minimalist shoes, you will find these shoes to be fashion-forward. The manufacturer used vegan-friendly materials.

The FeelTrue sole lets the feet feel the ground and provides adequate protection against dangerous things. Ideally, the sole is grippy, making it perfect for city-strolling and hiking. You will not worry about slipping. Also, the insole is removable.

Notable features: Lightweight and flexible, Well-balanced, Vegan-friendly, Rain-friendly upper, Casual comfort

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