Products I Love

  1. Energy Bits:  The benefits of algae are endless!  Ever since I started using Energy Bits as a supplement to my diet and fuel for my running, I have seen an improvement in my energy level and my motivation.  The only ingredient in Energy Bits is spirulina, known as the most nutritious food in the world by NASA, Olympic athletes, The World Bank and The United Nations.  Three times more protein than steak, 40 nutrients, and it facilitates the release of nitric oxide.  This means our working muscles will easily receive the blood flow and oxygen they need to improve performance. I can’t shut up about this stuff!  Plus, this is the cleanest energy because there’s no chemicals, sugar or yucky stuff.  Please use the code BAREFOOT when you check out to get 30% off the bits, you won’t be sorry.

2. Correct ToesCreated by Dr. Ray McClanahan, podiatrist in Portland, OR.  This product helps to restore the natural shape of the foot, effectively freeing your foot from your custom orthotics, huge support shoes, and the label Overpronator.Read more in this post.

Correct Toes

3. Catie’s Organic Greens:  Holy cow, I love this stuff.  You feel cleaner and more energized with your first scoop mixed in to vanilla soy milk.  We heard about it via Laird Hamilton, the beast surfer with amazing workouts, so we figured it must be good.  Talk about staying regular too…  According to the website, 1 tablespoon is the equivalent of 7 servings of the most potent green vegetables.  Yes please!

4. Clif Shot Energy Gel: Clif shots are 90% organic and have never once upset my GI tract.  This is important on a 20 mile run, you don’t want to catch a case of the trots 12 miles in to the trail, no porta pot in site.  My favorite flavors are chocolate (no caffeine) and mocha (caffeine for that extra kick.)

5. Heed Sports Drink PowderMy favorite is the strawberry.  The powder is very subtle, but has some calories for energy on longer runs.  This product has also never upset my stomach, and according to the website has a formula to help buffer lactic acid and keep glucose levels stable.  Less bonk equals longer run! Great!

6. Athleta:  I love this store and catalog, they are a bit on the pricey side, but their products are very high quality and seem to make all my parts look better.  The relay tights are my absolute favorite, with their wide waist band and super flattering fit.  They just got a store in Portland, I’m in so much trouble!

7. Ezekiel Bread: The tastiest bread!  A complete protein for us veg heads, contains all 9 essential amino acids.  It’s sprouted, meaning it’s easier for the bod to digest and we can absorb the goodies in the bread much easier.  Hello to good health!

8. CEP Compression Sleeves:   Designed to increase blood flow to the muscles of the lower leg, facilitating increased performance and faster recovery.  I like them most for recovery, thank you for saving my calves on more than one occasion.

9. Injinji Socks: I LOVE these socks!! They’re just great, I love wearing them with Vibram Five Fingers, but also every day wear.  Each toe gets its only little compartment, so the sock facilitates the natural toe spread.  They’re making thinner ones now which I love, as well as compression socks.  Everybody wins!

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